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Working with Board Leaders

Board leadership is both a privilege and a challenge. Great board chairs understand how to balance these two worlds. They know it takes more than passion and hard   work. It takes a keen business mind, a strong understanding of psychology and what makes people tick, and a uncanny ability to make sound decisions, and sometimes quickly.

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Managing, persuading and sometimes propelling a group of people with different backgrounds, agendas and motivations can feel like herding cats.  To be as effective as you can be everyone must take their responsibilities seriously, and actively seek help and resources to move the organization forward. But that doesn't always happen. The ED or CEO may run the organization, but the chair runs the board.

It’s a big job. At nonprofits, even the most dedicated and resourceful board chairs can find themselves in uncharted, rough waters. We've been there. We've run into some of the simplest and toughest calls a board chair ever needs to make. Things like:

  • “What is supposed to go on the board agenda?”

  • “I think our Executive Director is misusing money. What do I do?”

  • “We can never have a quorum because our board members don't show up for meetings. ”

  • “I don’t really understand who is supposed to do what in this organization.”

  • “I need to assess my CEO but we have no review process."

  • There are decisions that can't wait until the next board meeting. How do we handle this?

  • We've run out of money and can't make payroll. What do we do?

  • Staff members keep coming to board members to solve program and administrative matters. Is this ok?


You are devoting time, energy, and often significant resources to a cause you care deeply about. We’re betting that your goal is a healthy, functional, and robust nonprofit that is well-poised for growth.


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