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What Do I Know About Growing A Nonprofit, Anyway?

The one thing I know about growing a nonprofit organization is that you wouldn't be here if you could do it on your own. You wouldn't be searching for help, for someone to lighten the burden you are facing. You wouldn't be struggling, feeling like this work you are doing shouldn't be so hard.​

I've been where you are. In the trenches. Sleeves rolled up. Fighting the good fight. Feeling alone and unappreciated. Totally frustrated. Doing all I can (and spending every moment possible) trying to bring in more money for the cause and to manage the chaos that seems to consume most leaders in nonprofit organizations. It's exhausting!

But after 30+ years serving the nonprofit sector, I've also been on the other side of that coin - seeing over 14,000 new prospects attracted to a charity in less than 90 days, watching as thousands of new dollars rolled in every week as a result of the automatic cultivation I set up for those prospects, witnessing the miracle of our nonprofit name being listed just below FEDEX in brand recognition worldwide and excited and energized as the board of directors came to me as the executive director with new ideas and strategies for engaging people, rather than the other way around! 

I've been in this business long enough to know that's probably what you want too. And I'm happy to tell you it all can be yours!

All you need is a guide to show you the way - to provide the shortcuts you are currently missing, to help ease that burden and provide a bit of a sounding board, too.


I and my team stand ready to be that guide, friend and mentor. So you can raise more leaders. So you can raise more exposure. So you can raise more funds.


Joseph J. Morrison, Jr.

Founder & CEO

Raiser Sharp Consulting

What We Can Do For You....

Based on our personal experience in the real world, we believe there are three distinct, but interrelated reasons why some nonprofits succeed and others falter. But, there is no correct singular approach to putting these pieces together for every nonprofit. As a full service partner in your mission, we have the expertise across the full range of nonprofit management and fundraising functions to offer a comprehensive solution for you no matter your size or budget. And if you only need help in one or two areas, we'll tackle that, too!





If you are not engaging your key stakeholders and prospective stakeholders by building meaningful relationships with them, you will flounder. We create the best platforms for you and provide the proper tools for cultivating people, so they can be both informed and engaged. And, the best part is, it can all be set up to happen automatically, leaving you time to focus on running your organization, instead of writing emails, creating Facebook posts or determining how to put together an impactful video!


Great nonprofits don’t rely solely on  good intentions but instead are flush with talented and skilled leadership that can, and do, turn those intentions into actions which propel the organization forward. The right leaders, well-trained and well equipped, make all the difference in the world. We help by identifying, recruiting and training (or retraining) your board or your staff so that everyone understands their proper roles and responsibilities, the expectations that come with those roles and then give them the tools they need to do the job properly! 


Although many nonprofit organizations manage to squeak by financially, few have enough money to really expand, grow and flourish. We all know it takes money to operate your nonprofit, plain and simple. We help you identify and capitalize on your unique income streams.  As professional fundraisers, this is our bread and butter, and we know it is yours too! From appeals to crowdfunding to grants and special events, we develop a funding plan that is right for you, and then help you implement it to ensure your success!


Get in touch and we can have a chat about how Raiser Sharp Consulting can help you turn chaos into clarity.


Raiser Sharp Consulting is a non profit consulting firm focused on fundraising, building strong board and staff leadership teams and helping nonprofits become better known by the general public.

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