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Strategic Planning



Starting up a nonprofit can be an overwhelming task. It's like building a rocket.  What do I need to do? What parts do I need? Who will be the pilot? How long does everything take? What legal responsibilities do I have?


We'll answer all your questions for free during our first conversation, so you can have clarity about moving forward. Then, we'll provide an affordable done-for you process that includes creating all the organizing documents you need to quickly launch your nonprofit. ​

You can sit back and relax, assured that your organization will be up and running, and legally compliant, in no time.


Now that you've built the rocket, you need the right fuel for takeoff. That's where we come in. We've launched many rockets in our past, and know how to mix the right chemicals to give you a big blast for takeoff. We also have the scars from our failed attempts and are here to help you avoid the same fate. It doesn't matter if you want to transform your leaders, raise more money, or engage your volunteers. We can help you achieve your goals.


Our High Impact Powerhouse Program is an ongoing service designed to transform your mindset, help you attract, engage and convert prospects into donors, tackle your biggest challenges and accelerate your growth.


You don't want just any plan. You want a plan that will transform your nonprofit and get results! That's why our Strategic Planning facilitation is more than just a process—it's a catalyst for transformation. It's born out of 40 years of experience and a deep-seated desire to empower nonprofit leaders like you to achieve their boldest dreams and make a lasting impact in the world.


We've seen firsthand the incredible potential that exists within the nonprofit sector time-and-time again, and believe that with the right support and guidance, you have the power to unlock that potential and create meaningful change in your community.

Our clients


When you work with Raiser Sharp Consulting, you'll find we’re more than your executive coaches—we’re an extension of your team. We have been honored to help many outstanding, compassionate organizations grow significantly and become highly-rated nonprofit organizations across the country.

AMT Logo
Victory for Our Region
House of Patience
All Good Things Recovery
Amy's Kisses
Life Transforming Ministries
Bucks County Recovery House Alliance
Lighthouse Vocational Services
Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Re
Carolina Human Reinvestment
Prepared Place Ministries
Solution House
Ardellas House
RJA Center for Girls
Joy of Living
SouthWest NuStop
Parkesburg Point
Courage to Change
Center on Hearing and Deafness
West Chester Area Senior Center
Why Not Prosper
American Red Cross
Harmon House
Gathered Dreams
New Jerusalem Laura
City Net Ministries
Christian Life Center
Good Works
West Fallowfield Christian School
Hopewell Christian Fellowship
Fresh Start Foundation
Divine Light
Johnson Clean Living
Yes We Care
West Phila Cultural Alliance
American Missionary Fellowship
Women Walking Victory & Empow. Men

 Raiser Sharp Consulting Client 2012 to present - Why Not Prosper, Philadelphia, PA 

Let's talk 

Raiser Sharp Consulting's guiding principle No. 1: Sleeves up. This isn't a sales call. It's a solutions call.  Bring your most pressing problem to our first meeting, and we'll strategize together on how to solve it. After that? We’ll start taking immediate steps to quickly grow your impact.
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