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Raiser Sharp Consulting has partnered with Raiser Sharp Solutions, a Canadian-based software development nonprofit corporation. Raiser Sharp Solutions provides non-profit organizations worldwide affordable feature-rich donor management software and support. The agreement combines the strengths of Raiser Sharp Consulting and Raiser Sharp Solutions, by leveraging Raiser Sharp Consulting's 30+ year industry expertise in the nonprofit sector throughout the U.S. and Raiser Sharp Solutions' software and technical expertise in the U.S. and Canada to deliver an unparalleled level of support and services to nonprofit organizations in both Countries.

"Raiser Sharp Solutions' seasoned management team has done a fantastic job of building a solid and successful operation that provides superior donor relationship management software and support to the nonprofit sector,” said Joseph Morrison, Founder & CEO of Raiser Sharp Consulting. “Both companies share a strong consumer focus, and the combination of the companies’ international and local strengths will help deliver a richer and more comprehensive donor management experience. We look forward to bringing together the two companies to deliver the best of the best.”

“By teaming up with one of the leading nonprofit consulting firms in the U.S., we are able to leverage Raiser Sharp Consulting’s network and vast nonprofit expertise to enhance its presence and impact a larger audience locally as well as worldwide,” said Silvano Da Ros, Founder and Chairman of Raiser Sharp Solutions. “We are pleased to combine our strengths to meet the demands of the marketplace – delivering relevant content and services to consumers, as well as affordable new tools and programs to often cash-strapped nonprofit leaders and organizations.”

This agreement is expected to strengthen the nonprofit sector by providing local nonprofit organizations an affordable alternative to a wide suite of services and support, including ongoing coaching and consulting, fundraising training and support, leadership development training and activities, marketing outreach and social media engagement and donor management software and support.

Raiser Sharp software includes a feature-rich donor management experience, including free and affordable desktop versions of the software designed especially for smaller nonprofit organizations. Features include: Donor Management, Donation Management, Pledge Management, Multi-user Support, Volunteer Management, Event Management, Custom Query Capabilities, Unlimited Custom Donor and Donation Fields, Enhanced Reporting, QuickBooks Integration, Outlook & Public Mail (e.g. gmail, yahoo, etc.) Integration, Import from MS Excel, Access and CSV, Honorarium Support, Organization Donation Matching, and Built-in Standard Letters with unlimited Custom Letters Support. Future plans call for an on-line version and support and a custom web form design. Raiser Sharp Solutions’ support currently includes unlimited phone, e-mail support and software updates, data conversion and imports, live demos, and customized software.

Under the terms of the agreement, Raiser Sharp Solutions will continue its nonprofit operations in Ontario, Canada and will split proceeds of the software with Raiser Sharp Consulting as well as be subject to Raiser Sharp Consulting’s oversight and management practices and policies.

Nonprofit organizations can download a free copy of the RaiserSharp Software at

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