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Our Clients


Our clients have come in all shapes and sizes: from those with multi-million dollar budgets to those just starting up, without a cent. They have ranged from well known organizations to those you have never heard of.


Many of them are listed in the scrolling banner at the bottom of each page of this site.

However, they all have one thing in common: they were struggling with an issue or concern which they wanted to make better,  and reached out to us for help. And, we were happy to provide it.

You, too, should take action and reach out to us if you are struggling. The solution is only a handshake away.

Some of the things we have done for our clients include:

Board Development Support

  • Professional, regular, ongoing, in-person (or virtual) board recruitment and development

  • Consultation for organizational management issues, such as reviewing and recommending changes to Board roles and responsibilities

  • Board recruitment and retention

  • Job descriptions and organizational charts

  • Board training on fundraising trends methods and tactics



Marketing and Outreach Support

  • Establishment of social media tools and the training of staff and/or volunteers to use these tools effectively to engage interested persons

  • Identification of strategic marketing objectives

  • Creation of branded Social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube) if needed

  • Sharing relevant images from an organization’s events

  • Sharing information about fundraising campaigns and soliciting donations

  • Creation of a social media policy.



Fundraising/Infrastructure Support

  • Professional, regular, ongoing, in-person (or virtual) fundraising support

  • Full assessment of organization's fundraising position and capabilities Development of written, measurable objectives

  • Development of a written case for support

  • Short and long term fundraising strategies;

  • Research for specified grants and/or major donors

  • Staff and volunteer training when needed (one-on-one or group)

  • Identification of potential grant sources

  • Writing of grant proposals for a predetermined number of sources

  • Submission of grant proposals to a predetermined number of sources

  • Writing, coordination and management of direct mail solicitations, fulfillment and list management

  • Recommendations for donor management software & setup

  • Integration of on-line fundraising with other efforts

  • special event review and recommendations

  • Volunteer and board member solicitation training and education

  • marketing support such as integration of fundraising methods into website and other collateral materials

  • Key volunteer recruitment (with staff) 


With our help, many of our clients have transformed in ways never thought possible, and more people than ever have been attracted to their organizations.

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