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We've launched a new community called Next Level Nonprofit to provide all the services you need to grow your nonprofit.

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Our Services
Through Next Level Nonprofit, We Help You Do It All!

What Do I Get?

Grants and Funding

We provide you access to thousands of potential grantors categorized by topic, including Arts & Culture, At Risk Youth, Children, Christianity, Construction, Domestic Violence, Immigrants, Job Training, Mental Health, Minorities, Pets & Animal Welfare, Social Justice, Sports & Recreation, Teachers and Education and more!

And if you need a grant writer or grant researcher, we've got you covered! We also include grant sources in our monthly newsletter sent to all of our members.

Grants & Funding

We help you make connections with other nonprofit executives and thought leaders.

Members can message other members for free. 

We also offer forums and chat functions to learn from, and engage with, your peers.

Support Group Meeting



Forms and Templates

We provide access to hundreds of downloads that you can use today to help manage your nonprofit. 

Members can also upload documents they have found helpful to share with other members.

Many of the forms are pre-completed templates that you can fill in and use yourself for your own mission.

Forms and Templates
Trainings & Courses

Our signature course is the Donor Finder System, a nine part training you can watch on your own schedule and learn how to attract, engage and convert prospects into donors.

Other courses and trainings  are included as well covering leadership development, marketing & social media, and unique fundraising ideas.


Trainings & Courses



We offer ongoing monthly webinars for all members who wish to attend. Some are free to the general public as well, so you can invite your colleagues and friends.

Webinars are always facilitated by experts in the topic and are recorded for later viewing and review by our members, so you can be sure never to miss a thing!

Expert Help & Coaching

A key part of our community is gaining access to expert help and advice. Not only do we offer peer-led support, we also offer professional coaching and consulting, both in small groups and one-on-one sessions.

You choose what works best for your situation, and get as much, or as little help as you need.


Expert Help & Coaching

Nonprofit Startup

Nonprofit Startup

Many nonprofits that join our community are just starting up, and some haven't even formed their legal entities yet. So, we help you through that process, either by giving you tools and resources to do it yourself, or by offering to do it for you!


We have plans that can get you your Articles of Incorporation, 501c3 status, or your State Charitable Registration. If you need all of them, we can do that as well!

Leadership & Development

A key component of every successful nonprofit is having the right team in place that understands their proper roles and responsibilities.

We provide the training, tools and resources to ensure every team member knows what is expected, and can perform to their ultimate capacity!


Leadership Development

Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the roadmap that high-impact nonprofits use to plot their success. There's a lot that goes into a good plan, but whether it is a simple one-page short-term plan (yes, we provide that for you, too), or a more complex, multi-faceted long range plan, we can help you get to where you want to go.

Our expert facilitators will guide you through the process and ensure that the end product -your plan- is the best that can be!

General Fundraising

We know your bread and butter is in fundraising. After all, money makes the work go around, right?  So, whether it's an appeal, fundraising event, social media campaign or an overall fund development strategy you need, we can help. 

Our fundraisers have more than 30 years experience raising money for operations and programs, and we are confident we can assist you in securing the funds you need to fulfill your mission.


General Fundraising

Marketing & Engagement

Marketing & Engagement

From brochures and business cards, to websites, social media platforms and direct & email communications, we help you create a professional and consistent brand at whatever level you need it. Only want a website? We can do that. Only have need for a project brochure? We can do that. Need a complete brand overhall? We can do that too.

Our expert designers will give you the marketing and engagement tools that donors, volunteers and the general public won't be able to resist!

Capital Campaigns

Looking to expand? Can't serve your clientele appropriately where are are now? A capital campaign may just be the answer. 


We can help you through your capital campaign, regardless of the size.  We'll serve as your campaign counsel, and ensure you have all the pieces put together in the right order, at the right time in order to reach your goals!

Only undertaking a small project or renovation? We have a solution for that as well.

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Capital Campaigns


You'll Be Glad You Did!

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