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Free Microjob Site

What if there was a place where nonprofit staff -including program leaders, case managers and administrative assistants and those that served the nonprofit community like grant writers and bookkeepers could go and earn a little extra income by offering their skills and help other nonprofit organizations?

There is such a place. It's called Missiontasker.com.

It’s like a Fiverr for Nonprofits or NGO's - a microjob site where you sell small tasks or jobs starting at just $5 and increasing in $5 increments. The difference, however, is that it is specifically for nonprofit-related services, such as fundraising, marketing and leadership development, along with the normal business services such as logo design, administrative help and social media support. 


For nonprofits, it’s free to search for jobs (Mtasks) and get help for a fraction of the cost you would elsewhere. And for sellers, it's free to post as many of your services as you'd like and reach our nonprofit community.

Free Course

Donor Finder System - The Donor Finder System is a complete step-by-step system for growing your nonprofit using time-tested principles in education-based marketing and fundraising. Unlike other programs that offer fragmented pieces of the fundraising puzzle, The Donor Finder System is the completed puzzle itself; the core framework by which a nonprofit leader can easily build, measure and grow her donor base without getting caught deep in the weeds of social media, prospect research or trying to figure out “what elements to include on a donor page.” The system consists of three core elements that must be implemented the right way, in the right order. 

Free Downloads

A collection of articles, worksheets, checklists, booklets to make your job easier. Feel free to download and use whatever you need.

Nonprofit Management Tools:

Board Tools:

Social Media Tools:

Fundraising Tools:


These books are personally recommended by the Raiser Sharp Consulting team as great ammunition to have in your arsenal.

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microjobs for nonprofits


Search for tasks you need to run your nonprofit

Do you need a graphic designer, fundraiser, leadership development expert, marketer, or virtual assistant?  Find it at Taskintern.com. 

It’s free for nonprofits to search and for freelancers to list their services. >>