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When I was a teenager, my church leaders sent me to a course on lifesaving, of all  things. They asked me to become a lifeguard for their summer camp pool program - an assignment I accepted without question.

It was one of the most difficult experiences of my entire life.

Eventually, I passed the course with flying colors but I learned a few things along the way, too, about life… and death.

For example, I learned that when a person is drowning, panicked and flailing about, they will literally grasp at anything to keep their head above water –including their rescuer. This can be a precarious position for the lifesaver, and he or she must approach the victim with caution, lest they both be sucked under and perish together. It’s actually much easier for the rescuer if the victim is unconscious, or at least so weak that they can’t fight back.

I found this same principle to be true in the nonprofit sector, too, over my 30+  years employed by or consulting with nonprofit organizations. Sometimes, the nonprofit will try anything to stay afloat –but often end up sinking anyway. Believe it or not, sometimes when you don’t know what else to do, it’s best to stop fighting, relax, grab onto the hand that’s being thrust in your direction, and let it pull you back to shore.

That’s what this site is designed to do. Think of it as your nonprofit rescue buoy. All you need to do is grab hold, do what you’re instructed, and in no time, you’ll be back on solid ground.

Based on my personal experience in the real world, I  believe there are three distinct, but interrelated reasons why some nonprofits succeed and others falter.


I love to sail, so I like to think of nonprofits as a sailboat with three sails. If one sail is torn or missing, it may not stop you, but it will certainly slow you down. However, when all three sails are strong and in-tact, you will zip across the water and not only reach your destination quickly, but have loads of fun doing it! So, what do the sails represent?

Leadership -  Great nonprofits don’t rely solely on strong winds in their favor ( also known as good intentions) but instead are flush with talented and skilled leadership that can, and do, turn those intentions into actions which propel the organization forward. The right leaders, well-trained and well equipped, make all the difference in the nonprofit world.

Engagement - If you are not engaging your key stakeholders and prospective stakeholders by building meaningful relationships with them, you will flounder. The parts of a ship depend on each one being strong and doing exactly what they are supposed to do. So too, do the people in a nonprofit. Learn about the best methods for cultivating people, and then begin engaging as many of them as you possibly can!

Funding - Although many nonprofit organizations manage to squeak by financially, few have enough money to really expand, grow and flourish. Like the wind, you can't move your sailboat forward without it. It takes money to operate your nonprofit, plain and simple. Understanding how to capitalize on your distinct income streams is essential.  Without it, you are likely to find yourself floating aimlessly, unable to get to your destination.


So, how do you make sure you keep you head above water and your sails full? Once again, that’s why this site was created.

The compilation the materials on this site is my real contribution to your nonprofit rescue. I have learned firsthand that some things work, and some things just don't. I’ve tried to include here the majority of things that do work.  That’s not to say you can’t do it differently, or better. But, if you follow the tactics presented here, and utilize the tools and resources -first by putting the right leadership in place, then by engaging your audience and finally by putting a plan of action in place to secure the funds you need –and then follow that plan - your situation will improve. How quickly that will happen, I cannot say. Only, that it will happen.

I truly hope you find this site to be a helping hand in rescuing your nonprofit from whatever turbulent sea in which it finds itself.

However, if you still find yourself unable to get to the surface, use the form below to contact us. That’s why I founded Raiser Sharp Consulting in the first place - to provide the kind of affordable expertise you can’t get elsewhere, and to do the things you can’t do yourself.  We have helped hundreds of nonprofits in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and beyond, and we can help you too!


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Join the conversation!

More than 425 nonprofit leaders receive my monthly insights into fundraising and  nonprofit leadership.

Get your insights today!