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Who We Are


We're Your Mission Gurus


Translation: We're a group of skilled, funloving experts, deployed to solve your mission critical problems.

Strategic coaching is a special type of consulting that focuses on results. We provide strategic advice and guidance to organizations on the best way to achieve a goal. Our process involves analyzing the issue at hand through research, identifying present and future opportunities and challenges, and then making recommendations.

Hi, We're Raiser Sharp Consulting, your strategic coaching experts


Have you ever played a game of chess?

There are various opening strategies, defense techniques, and tactical plays to finally result in the checkmate. Grandmasters spend years honing their craft; thinking and planning ahead for every possible outcome before a game. 

As strategic coaches, we work in the same way, using our specialized industry knowledge and expertise to advise clients on the best route to take to achieve a particular objective.

We anticipate problems before they arise and work out solutions to turn around challenges. 

Our model in dealing with a nonprofit includes:

1. Getting to know you and your specific challenges.

2. Researching all credible options and solutions to your challenges.

3. Offering benefits and trade-offs for each solution through mechanisms such as scenario analysis and sensitivity analysis.

4. Recommending a solution and implementation strategy.

Founded in 2005, we're a nonprofit consultancy made up of intelligent, strategic thinkers with complementary skills to help your organization thrive and grow.

Our cross-functional areas of expertise in planning, leadership development, engagement and fundraising make our agile, tight-knit crew extremely effective at solving your problems and filling in the gaps alongside your team. 

Our values


The way we work is shaped by five core values.

  • 01. Sleeves Up
    We’re builders and doers. We can create a meaningful strategy and get down to brass tacks. No one is too good or over qualified to handle the tactical work. In fact, we thrive in the execution phase of any project just as much as we love brainstorming about big ideas. And if you want to roll up your sleeves, too, well, we're good with that.
  • 02. Use Your Unique Abilities
    We all have abilities ands gifts that only we possess. No one is exactly like me (thank God), or like you. We celebrate our differences as much as our similarities. It's important to to what you do best, and give others the freedom to do the same. We're not robots and so why should we act like ones?
  • 03. All Hands on Deck
    A call for all members of a ship's crew to come to the deck, usually in a time of crisis. We're under attack! All hands on deck! Our team is effective because they work together, and every issue requires multiple brains working on the problem. Our team loves this approach because it gets to the best solutions so much quicker and makes us look like the rock stars we are! Hey, we've got to pat ourselves on the back occasionally, right?
  • 04. Do Your Homework
    You know the Boy Scout Motto "Always be prepared?" That philosophy permeates everything we do here. We need to show up ready to solve the most pressing problems. We can only do that if we have gathered all the facts and have had time to think of solutions. That doesn't always happen on the spot, so it's important to do the homework and come to class prepared. My college professor would be so proud I said that.
  • 05. Make Time Fly
    Time flies when you’re having fun, and we lose track of it all the time. A work day (and life) is too short to dwell on the obstacles, so we choose to focus on the opportunities, build an alternative path, and probably laugh too much while we’re at it.

Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

Each and every day, our clients roll up their sleeves and get to work solving big challenges that face us all. While these folks are heroes and are making an undeniable impact, it’s important to remember we all have a role to play in making the world better.

At Raiser Sharp Consulting, we want to live in a more just and equitable society, and are committed to playing our part in its transformation. 

We are made better by diverse perspectives which is why we need folks around us with diverse experiences and continue to seek ways to invest in ourselves and our clients to build a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive world. To do so certainly leads to better creativity and innovation, but importantly, it leads to people living more fulfilled lives.

Meet the team


Joe Morrison - he/his

Raiser Sharp Founder & CEO

Joe is a 40 year veteran of the nonprofit sector, having served in every position imaginable on both the volunteer (board) side and paid (staff) side, including Board Chair and Executive Director positions. A fundraiser by experience and a consultant by practice, Joe's expertise in all things nonprofit is deep and wide. He prides himself on learning by doing, and has spent the majority of his background in the trenches fighting it out with the other nonprofit soldiers on his team. He's not a big believer in titles or degrees, but is a firm believer in results, because that's where the rubber meets the road.

Joe began his professional career with the Boy Scouts of America in January, 1985, dealing with corporate executives in establishing mentoring programs for high school aged young adults as part of the Exploring program. He served in several other roles, including Finance Director, where his duties included personally directing six special fundraising events annually including one celebrity Golf Tournament with net revenues of $140,000- and the 

recruitment of Chief Executive Officers as volunteers. Joe assisted in the creation of a $5 million capital campaign to renovate the Philadelphia Council headquarters. Joe was also involved in many other types of fundraising and administrative projects while at the Scouts, including direct mail development, grant writing and foundation solicitations, individual gift requests, special event creation and implementation,  corporate fundraising, newsletter development, and running the city-wide workplace phase of "Scouting for Food."


Joe refined his management skills as Executive Director of Interfaith Housing Development Corporation of Bucks County, which he assumed in September, 1998. In this role, he provided the top leadership, direction and fundraising expertise to a fourteen-year-old affordable housing nonprofit with an operating budget of $680,000 and had responsibility for property development and rental programs of over $3,000,000 annually. He was accountable for the complete administration and cultivation of eight full time staff members, a twenty-nine member Council of Representatives, a fifteen member Board of Directors and over five hundred volunteers. Joe developed a keen awareness of human service issues, and strengthened the organization by attracting top quality leadership to the board and staff and securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in public, private, state and local funding such as the Federal Home Loan Bank, the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, and the W.W. Smith and Fannie Mae Foundations.


In 2001, Joe assumed the position of Deputy Director, Administration and Finance for Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County. He was responsible for the fundraising strategy and implementation for a $10 million housing development project, and helped to bring national media attention to this unique project. His duties included the creation of a fundraising plan, which was unanimously adopted by the Board of Directors, the recruitment of all personnel to fulfill the plan, and the securing of all monies needed to reach the overall goal, including project sales, gifts-in-kind, special events, appeals, direct mail, and foundation and grant solicitations. In addition, he personally orchestrated the successful securing of $2 million in financing from a local bank, a $1,000,000 county grant, and the cultivation of two major lead gifts: one for $650,000 and another for $370,000.


In 2005, Joe founded Raiser Sharp Consulting, LLC, and now provides training, consultation and support services throughout the country in the areas of Fundraising and Development, Organizational Management, Board Development, Strategic Planning and Social Media to a wide range of nonprofit leaders and charitable organizations. He possesses a quiet energy and easily captures the complete confidence of donors, volunteers, board members and staff alike.

Joe Morrison resides in Morgantown, PA with Leslie, his wife. Joe's two grown sons live on their own, both in the Philadelphia suburbs. His eldest, David, is the founder of Morrison IT Solutions,  a one-stop shop for IT help serving small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Alesha Mathis Picture2.jpg

Alesha Mathis - she/her

Raiser Sharp Consultant

Alesha Mathis is an accomplished nonprofit professional with over 15 years of experience in Administration, Development, Programs, and serving on Boards. Throughout her career, she has dedicated herself to supporting individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. Alesha possesses a deep understanding of the challenges faced by nonprofit founders in their crucial first year of operation.

Driven by her desire to empower new nonprofit founders, Alesha created the Nonprofit Founder's Club™. This exclusive program serves as a comprehensive solution, guiding founders through the early phases of their journey with funding always in mind. Drawing on her vast knowledge and experience, Alesha provides a step-by-step game plan that helps nonprofit founders build strong foundations and secure crucial funding.

The Nonprofit Founder's Club™ offers not only practical resources but also a supportive community and a collaborative think tank for nonprofit leaders. By providing access to extensive training materials and resources, Alesha ensures that nonprofit founders gain the necessary skills and knowledge to establish sustainable and impactful organizations.

Alesha's overarching mission is to reverse the disheartening statistics that show 50% of nonprofits failing in their first year due to a lack of infrastructure and funding. She firmly believes that with the right guidance and support, nonprofit founders can overcome common obstacles and achieve long-term success. Through the Nonprofit Founder's Club™ system, nonprofit founders experience increased confidence and stability, knowing they have a support system to turn to and valuable training resources at their disposal.

For those who become members of the Nonprofit Founder's Club™, Alesha is committed to providing ongoing guidance and mentorship, ensuring that they effectively navigate the complexities of running a nonprofit. With her expertise and passion, Alesha strives to cultivate a community of resilient and thriving nonprofit organizations that are making a lasting impact in their respective fields. Alesha's wealth of experience and dedication to empowering nonprofit founders make her an invaluable resource for those who strive to create sustainable and impactful nonprofits.  

dave goodman.jpg

Dave Goodman - he/him

Raiser Sharp Coach

Dave’s approach and multiple coaching certifications comes from 6 years in finance, 5 years in Management & HR Consulting (Towers Perrin) and 30 years organizational development and learning across national and global client engagements within Fortune 1000, national associations and government agencies.

He is a nationally acclaimed learning and development expert with 11 juried awards for excellence in learning and performance.
Dave’s experience comes from 6 years in finance, 5 years in Management & HR Consulting (Towers Perrin) and 30 years organizational development and learning across 450 national and global client engagements within Fortune 1000, national associations and government agencies, including healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial, and smaller associations and non-profits. 

His credentials include: ICF ACC, ICF Certified Leadership Coach (Coach Masters Academy), ICF Certified Systemic Coach (WBECS), EMCC Certified Coach, Advanced Team Coaching Certification, Professional Certification in Neuroplastician from the Institute of Organizational Neuroplasticity and authorized DiSC and Five Behaviors Consultant.

Dave has been a national conference presenter at Training Magazine, Learning Guild, Learning and Development, ATD, SALT and the National Association of Community Health Centers.

Let's talk
Raiser Sharp Consulting's guiding principle No. 1: Sleeves up. This isn't a sales call. It's a solutions call.  Bring your most pressing problem to our first meeting, and we'll strategize together on how to solve it. After that? We’ll start taking immediate steps to quickly grow your impact.
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