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Easy Nonprofit Admin

For those small, established, founder-led organizations and understaffed nonprofits who feel a bit overwhelmed by the administrative aspects of the work, we offer a service that some have called a God-Send. You probably started your nonprofit organization to perform a service or meet a community need. You

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didn't start it because you wanted to fill out forms or to answer telephones.

Wouldn't it be great to concentrate on what you do best - running your programs and services and not have to worry about what you don't like to do - all the office work that supports those wonderful programs and services?

Now you can.

Our Easy Nonprofit Admin Service pools all those back-office administrative tasks together that you typically have to do to run your nonprofit and then we coordinate a team of skilled people to do them all for you!


You get to do what makes you happy and you leave the rest to us. And, we do all of this for probably less than what you are paying right now for these various functions.

So instead of piling more and more work on a limited staff or volunteers who aren't really excited to do that one additional thing you so desperately need to get done today, you get to off-load all of those tasks to qualified people who love to do them.

How it Works: The Shared Approach

Our unique organizational design is what makes this concept work: one person shared among a limited number of organizations, who each receive the equivalent of a full time, highly experienced administrative expert, at a fraction of the cost. 


The big benefit is that the overall cost to each participating organization is driven down and efficiency is increased on every dollar spent on your administrative needs.

By working collaboratively, nonprofits are able to share everything from clerical support, to training, to technology development, to printing and logistical services. The main goal is to share a nonprofit administrator in order to be more productive in accomplishing your own mission, build better business practices and reduce individual agency costs.


And lest you think this is a pie-in-the sky dream, we have spent the last four years implementing the shared approach and refining it in the real-world nonprofit arena. We know it works! And now you can benefit from our experience.

Some of the things we do are:


  • Single point of contact for administrative tasks

  • Reception/voicemail (Voiceover IP)

  • Shared Resources with vendors (phone, printing, fulfillment, etc.)

  • Filing of 501c3 application

  • Filing of Charitable Organization Registration

  • Filing of Form 990’s

  • Filing of Sales Tax Exemption application


  • A dedicated bookkeeper 

  • Recording and reporting of all financial transactions including: 

    • Donations

    • Product sales

    • Earned revenue

    • Payment of taxes

    • Earned interest

    • Payroll and other operational expenses

    • Loans and investments

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Data entry

  • Training on setup/usage

  • Printing of report


  • A dedicated, four-person Success Team with free fundraising and technical assistance

  • Tracking of Gifts

  • Monthly Reports

  • Training (for Boards and Staff) 

  • Thank you letters for donations or sales

  • One time and recurring online donations

  • Automated tax-deductible donation receipts

  • Event registration/ticketing

  • Peer to peer fundraising

  • Team fundraising

  • Membership sign up

  • Raffle ticketing

  • Volunteer sign up

  • Crowdfunding with dynamic progress meter

  • Sponsorship registration

  • Online store

  • Merchant Partnerships

  • Free, modernized website with social media integration

  • Unlimited, fully customizable fundraising pages to market your campaigns

  • Donor dashboard to keep track of your supporters in one place

  • Easy to transfer fundraising activity into your accounting system

  • Sortable donor data for targeted mass email communication

  • Creation/ Coordination/ Management of Online Donation Platforms (payment processing)

  • Google Adwords Grant Application ($120,000 annually) for qualifying agencies



  • Website support, including design and Search Engine Optimization

  • Communications Support (including creation/management of email systems such as Mailchimp or Aweber).

  • Social media administration/management

  • Printing/Marketing Support (volume plans, discounts)


Human Resources (Personnel)

  • Position advertisements/placements

  • Job descriptions

  • Employee manuals

  • Records management

Some of the benefits to you include:

  • Various economies of scale, including marketing, bookkeeping, fundraising, HR services

  • No administrative work

  • Free CRM System

  • Fundraising Platform deals and discounts

  • Coordinated administrative systems/proven processes

  • Cost savings on shared work, vendor agreements, fundraising and marketing

  • Increased efficiency

  • Coordinated, branded, consistent messaging

  • Coordinated marketing efforts

  • Coordinated fundraising efforts 

  • Improved communications

  • HR cost savings (potential)

  • Improved credibility

  • More strategic decision making

  • Improvement in service quality

  • More responsive donor/customer service

  • Wide range of organizational management efficiencies

How Do We Do It?:

We start by looking at what you are paying now for all the various administrative services. If you don't need all of them, they won't be included. Then, we quote you a monthly price that is less than you what you are paying now for all the various functions by streamlining them all and by assigning a single administrator to coordinate everything for you.


Based on our established relationships with vendors and volume discounts we receive by bringing multiple clients to the table, we save money and we pass those savings directly onto you! It's that simple!

We would love to talk to you about our Easy Nonprofit Admin Service. Please feel free to use the form below to let us know of your interest and we'll get back to you right away!

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