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The One Page Fundraising Plan

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You know you should create a fundraising plan. 


You’ve seen it as a fundraising best practice or heard about it from your colleagues. Maybe you read a recent study that showed the number one indicator of fundraising success is having a plan. The question is: how do you create one?


Writing a plan may seem like an overwhelmingly complex activity. You may not know where to begin or what needs to be included.

The good news is that a great fundraising plan need not be long or complicated. In fact, some of the best plans are the simplest ones! When your plan is simple 

and easy to follow, you are more likely to accomplish it!


That’s why I developed this one-page template!

The template includes the ten essential elements you’ll find in any great fundraising plan. And, you can put it all together in a short time and in single page! Simply record your thoughts on this worksheet and walla, you’ve got a plan! I’ve even provided an example of a completed plan so you can see how it works. I know you’ll love it.

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