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Fast Track Start Up

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Win the Race You Were Meant to Run


With a quick start out of the gate, you'll be well ahead of the pack and positioned to win the race.

You can get the right start, right now


Starting up a nonprofit can be an overwhelming task. What do I need to do? Where do I need to file? Who can be on my board? How long does everything take? What legal responsibilities do I have?


We'll answer all your questions for free during our first conversation, so you can have clarity about moving forward. Then, we'll provide an affordable done-for you process that includes creating all the organizing documents you need to quickly launch your nonprofit. ​

You can sit back and relax, assured that your organization will be up and running, and legally compliant, in no time.

How we help

  • Create and file your Articles of Incorporation

  • Complete and file your 501c3 application (Form 1023)

  • File your State Charitable Organization Registration

  • Create your Conflict of Interest Policy

  • Create custom bylaws

  • Create your organizational budget

  • File your first year 990N

  • Create and file all necessary attachments

Already have some of these things in place? No problem. We'll create a custom solution to meet your specific needs. 

Why Raiser Sharp Consulting


We take away the start up confusion and replace it with total clarity.

We understand the confusion that comes with starting a nonprofit, because we've been there ourselves. Lost and alone. Not sure what step to take next.

We'll turn your chaos into clarity, and help you understand the entire process so you can decide whether to tackle it yourself or have us do it. Either way, we'll get you up and running and feeling good about the whole experience. And you'll make a new friend and mentor in the process, too.

Get your free nonprofit start-up checklist

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Starting a new nonprofit organization is a process. You have to do step 1 before step 3. And if you don't, it will come back to bite you later. Promise.

Avoid all the mis-steps when you download our complimentary Nonprofit Start Up Checklist.  

It has all the actions you need to take in a step by step checklist to ensure you've covered all the bases. It's a must have for any serious nonprofit founder.

Check Your Inbox!

Let's talk 

Raiser Sharp Consulting's guiding principle No. 1: Sleeves up. This isn't a sales call. It's a solutions call.  Bring your most pressing problem to our first meeting, and we'll strategize together on how to solve it. After that? We’ll start taking immediate steps to quickly grow your impact.
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