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Nonprofit Incubator



Action is Performance

- Andrew Davenpor



You can be the next superstar, but you have to put in the work first. We'll show you what to do.



You have superpowers, they just need to be discovered. Nonprofit founders are some of the most creative,  resourceful and innovative people on the planet, doing some of the most noble work in the world.


The Nonprofit Incubator Program is an affordable 90 day one-on-one, action packed, hand-holding experience for new nonprofit leaders.


By using the Start a New Nonprofit Framework, you can go from Now What? to Wow! in no time. We'll turn you into the superstar we know you are.

How we help

  • Get one on one mentoring/coaching

  • Develop your board and staff

  • Create a tactical plan and operational budget

  • Create a signature program

  • Develop your policies and procedures


  • Learn fundraising basics & raise money!

  • Gain exposure for your brand

  • Get templates and sample documents you can use right away!

The Cirriculum 


Week 1:

Program Orientation and Goal Setting

     - Session 1: Welcome and Program Overview

     - Session 2: Setting Personal and Organizational Goals


Week 2:

Building Your Board

     - Session 1: The Importance of a Strong Board

     - Session 2: Strategies for Recruiting Board Members


Week 3:

Building Your Board (Continued)

     - Session 1: Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

     - Session 2: Turning Board Members into Donors


Week 4:

Crafting Your 5-Year Strategic Plan

     - Session 1: Introduction to Strategic Planning

     - Session 2: Defining Mission, Vision, and Values


Week 5:

Crafting Your 5-Year Strategic Plan (Continued)

     - Session 1: Setting Long-Term Goals and Objectives

     - Session 2: SWOT Analysis and Environmental Scan


Week 6:

Developing One-Year Tactical Plans

     - Session 1: Translating Long-Term Goals

       into Short-Term Objectives

     - Session 2: Creating an Operating Budget

Week 7:

Developing One-Year Tactical Plans (Continued)

     - Session 1: Fundraising Strategies for the First Year

     - Session 2: Marketing and Outreach Planning


Week 8:

Creating Signature Programs and Policies

     - Session 1: Developing a Signature Program & Budget

     - Session 2: Creating Policies and Procedures


Week 9:

Ideal Donor Identification and Online Presence

     - Session 1: Identifying Your Ideal Donor Profile

     - Session 2: Building Your Nonprofit's Online Presence


Week 10:

Ideal Donor Identification and Online Presence (Continued)

     - Session 1: Effective Use of Social Media

     - Session 2: Developing a Compelling Nonprofit Website


Week 11:

Fundraising Fundamentals and Implementation

     - Session 1: Crafting Your Fundraising Plan

     - Session 2: Launching Fundraising with Family & Friends


Week 12:

Fundraising Fundamentals and Implementation (Continued)

     - Session 1: Fundraising Strategies for the Future

     - Session 2: Final Program Review and Next Steps

Check Your Inbox!

Create a one page fundraising plan

The One Page Fundraising Plan-1.jpg

Do you know how much money you really need to raise, or are you always guessing?

Saying "As much as we can" is worse than just saying "I don't know."


Before you make a costly mistake, download our complimentary One Page Fundraising Plan Guide (example plan included) and create your own path forward. Before you know it, you'll have the funds you need to grow beyond your wildest dreams!

Let's talk 

Raiser Sharp Consulting's guiding principle No. 1: Sleeves up. This isn't a sales call. It's a solutions call.  Bring your most pressing problem to our first meeting, and we'll strategize together on how to solve it. After that? We’ll start taking immediate steps to quickly grow your impact.
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