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Working with Executive Directors

Life as an Executive Director can be difficult. It's a lonely job. You’re constantly surrounded by people, but you have no peers. Very often you have no one to talk to.You have no real boss, but you do have a boss-like person, who’s actually a volunteer, with a day job.  And that person may not even be available, or knowledgeable, about what you are

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supposed to be doing. Usually, you guess at it together. But in the meantime, you become responsible for the programs, the people, the money. Everything. The weight of the world is on your shoulders and  it can feel overwhelming.  It's a tough spot to be in. And, most people just don’t get how frustrating that is.

Well, we get it. Because we've been there. And now we help ED’s and CEO’s who need to get beyond their frustrations do so effectively. Every day. 

When you have high blood pressure, you don’t call an orderly and ask them to give you a Tums. That would be stupid. Instead, you call the most experienced, highly-trained professional medical specialist you can find. That person can look at your entire circulatory system –things you never would have thought of- and tell you what may be causing the problem before prescribing a solution.


Many of us make a similar mistake, however, when it comes to our nonprofit. We call a board member or volunteer and ask them to raise money or develop some media content and in doing so forget about the context in which the request is being made. In other words, we settle for a band-aid when we really need a tourniquet. We settle for a novice when we really need an expert.


Fortunately, affordable expert help is available. It's called Raiser Sharp Consulting. We provide the fundraising, marketing and leadership development expertise that can transform any nonprofit into a high-impact, widely known organization.


For New ED’s:

If your are a new ED or CEO we can help you…

  • understand your job and how it is different from everyone else's

  • get your 501c3 registration

  • recruit and/or train you Board leadership team

  • learn the skills to be comfortable hiring and managing staff

  • know when it’s time to let someone go and the right way to do it


For Experienced ED’s

ED’s and CEO’s who have been in the trenches for a while have hired me to:

  • facilitate the strategic planning process

  • manage the search and identify a new Development Director

  • teach them how to work with a founder who still has tight control over the organization

  • tranisition from complete reliance on government funding to private sources

  • learn how to establish effective Board committees

  • assist them with succession planning

How Can We Help You?

If you would like to inquire about hiring us to work with you or your Executive Director, please schedule a time to talk with us today,


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